How to choose an Equestrian Summer Camp

Does your child have passion for horses?   There are many specialty horseback riding Summer Camps in the Charlotte area which can fulfill your child’s affection.  While some multi-sport or regular day camps may offer horseback riding as an ‘added activity’, the specialty equestrian camps we found here offer something a bit more unique.  Imagine your child having the chance to spend the day at the barn, or even a week with horses – an outdoors immersive experience which is not only fun, but an opportunity to build character and enrichment.

Be sure to check with camp regarding minimum age requirements.  If your child is an avid rider or a beginner with limited or no prior experience, make sure the camp you choose will take into account your child’s experience level and be able to offer an appropriate horsemanship program that is suited to his or her needs. Most camps specialize in a particular discipline or riding style:  English and Western being the two primary disciplines you will find.  Most are also co-ed. Although there are typically more girls than boys in these Equestrian Camps, this should by no means be a limiting factor in choosing to participate.

Things to consider and questions to ask when choosing an Equestrian Camp
  • Has you child ever been on horse before? Although typically not a pre-requisite, it may be a good idea to schedule an introductory lesson just to make sure this is something your child would like to do.  Especially for the youngest of riders.
  • Type of Program:  How will child spend the rest of the day when he/she is not riding?  Does the camp specialize in horseback riding or does the camp offer general horseback riding as a secondary activity.
  • Day Camp or Overnight:  Most camps we found offer only day camp sessions, though there are a few that also accommodate overnight campers.  How long are the sessions; daily, weekly, multi-week?
  • Special Equipment:  Does the camp require any special equipment to participate:  boots, breeches, safety helmets.
  • Cost:  Horseback Riding Camp is one of the more expensive activities, after all managing a farm and an live animals is an expensive undertaking.  Cost can range from $300-500/week depending on the camp selected.