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Welcome To Our Barn!

Welcome everyone! Here is a place to relax and feel like you are part of the family. A cooler is stocked with favorite drinks (and popsicles for the kids after a hot lesson!), to enjoy while setting in a nice shady spot overlooking the arena, or on the spacious back porch. This is a privately owned barn, with our own personal horses, that absolutely love people (and horse treats!). We are conveniently located less then 2 miles off of interstate 85, a few miles from 321, and also 74. Talk about convenience. Several stores are located less then 5 minutes away if you want to leave during your child’s lesson (though we much rather you stay and watch, the kids love having an audience.) Call to schedule a meet and greet anytime.

Meet The Horses


Nehi is the goofball of the group. He is 7 and is always doing something funny, whether it is picking up my muck bucket when I’m in the stall and spilling it everywhere, or spitting water on someone (that’s his favorite trick!). He is very big, 16.3hh, which is about 5’7ft at his wither, but is such a baby, he loves people. He is more of an intermediate horse, because he is so lazy little kids can’t get him to walk. He is the perfect example of a gentle giant. The thing everyone loves most about him, is that he has a blue eye and a brown eye. Come meet him for yourself.


Beanie is my newest addition. He is 11 years old and is a mini horse, like Fancy. Beanie rides and drives, so he will be helping with my birthday Parties and smallest kids. As you can tell, he love food! Doritos, horse cookies, feed, hay, grass, absolutely ANYTHING! He knows how to take a lock off a door, and open the door, because I have him on a diet he takes it to himself to eat food. Come meet him and see his tricks that I make him perform for cookies


Chance is a 16 yr old Morgan horse. He was once an english show horse, then a beginner trail horse. This is one cool dude! He is the smallest of all our horses at about 14.1HH which the little kids really like because he is easy to get on. Finding Chance was another huge blessing to this program. He loves to be scratched, and the smaller the child, the more careful he is. He is for all riders of any age. You definitely have to meet this sweetheart! He has also topped the list to being my personal trail horse that I choose for mountain rides, as he is just so much fun to ride!.


Meet Fancy: she is a 33″ tall American Mini Horse. 18 yrs old and she rides and also drives. She is perfect for kids aged 3-4 to ride and “kids” (adults can be kids at heart!) of all ages to drive. She is a complete blast, and being the only girl mini in the barn, she is more then a little bit spoiled. She has her hands full making sure everyone stays out of trouble. Come meet her for yourself and let her cuteness steal your heart!


Meet miss Roxie. She is around a 14 year old Quarter Horse Mare. Cookies absolutely make her day. Pretty much anyone can ride this mare. You can stand up in the saddle, slide off her rear end, ride double and more. She would rather stand still then move, but she has some very smooth gaits.


Champ is a 8 yr old Morgan horse (like Chance). He is just Mr prince charming that loves EVERYONE. I’m pretty sure that he knows he is handsome, because he is a huge show off! He is the first choice for teaching riders to lope, because he is so smooth and easy to get into it. I call him intermediate because he does have a fast trot and lopes very easily, but I have had beginners on him and he knows when he is only allowed to walk. Champ is completely rotten, you cannot go outside without him and Chance running up. Come meet him and make sure you have plenty of cookies!


Reba I’d 14yrs old and is a very special girl. Her owner is actully starting a new life in Texas with her husband, so Reba is in my care. What makes her very special though is she had to have her left eye removed in November 2016. If you couldn’t see her eye was missing you would never know she was blind. She loves doritions and rice crispies also!


Our Address:

949 Atchley Ave, Gastonia, NC 28054


35.290801, -81.166839



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