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D AND E FARM Horse Rescue, Rehabilitation and Retirement

We are a 501(c)(3)  Non-Profit Horse Rescue Farm located in Hartsville, South Carolina.

We are presently operating on 33.5 acres and use a “Free Range” facility with pastures, wooded areas and trails.

What we do

Our goal is to RescueRehabilitate and Provide Sanctuary for horses in need, whether from neglect, starvation, or abuse.  We provide daily positive interaction with the horses and tend to their medical needs.  It is our goal to provide quality care for our rescues and give them the opportunity to live out their lives in an environment that meets their needs.

We work with the Law Enforcement Community, Humane Society, Animal Protection/Rights Agencies and Private Citizens in the Recovery/Rescue of Abused, Neglected, Abandoned or no longer wanted Horses or when the owners are no longer able to take care of them.

Anyone wanting to adopt a Horse must meet certain criteria:

There is an adoption fee which corresponds to medical/reahabiltive costs of each 

  • horse.
  • Inspection of premises where horse is to be kept.
  • You must have a minimum of 2 acres grazing area.
  • There must be adequate shelter for both the horse and for hay.
  • Adopted horses under no circumstances shall be used for breeding purposes.
  • Vet care, farrier services and any other medical care shall be adhered to and will
    be outlined on Adoption Form.
  • D AND E FARM shall be notified immediately of either inability to comply with
    medical/farrier services or if the Horse becomes ill with anything other than normal
    minor equine problems.
  • No horse shall be sold or transferred to another party without written consent and
    inspection of new party’s facility.
  • Any and all other items contained in adoption papers.

Please understand that we are not trying to impose strict rules, we just don’t want the
horses to get into the same position that required their rescue in the first place.

While horses are a social animal and usually require at least 2, this will not always be
the case.  Some horses due to medical conditions or social attitude may be required to
never be around other horses and or possibly never ridden.

Every horse who enters our facility is treated with the utmost love and affection.  We
expect nothing less from adopters.

Please feel free to contact us.


Our Address:

Farm Bureau Rd, Hartsville, SC 29550


34.3556797, -80.0524182



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